Light Rotating X-ray Targets

Light Rotating X-ray Targets

ACERDE offers graphite or carbon-carbon composite targets coated by CVD with a Tungsten-Rhenium layer. The use of a lightweight target enables increased rotation speed, decreasing the bulk track temperature. Low mass targets could also permit off-axis rotation for greater X-ray generation efficiency.

Below, a comparative table between ACERDE light rotating targets vs. typical massive rotating targets currently on the market.


Light Rotating Target Manufacturing Process

Light rotating targets are made from a graphite or carbon-carbon composite substrate coated with a Tungsten-Rhenium layer. The manufacturing process is as follows:


Dimensional control and cleaning steps are carried out between some of these steps.

The scheme below shows an anode at different stages of the process:

1. Bare graphite or composite substrate (before deposition);

2. Substrate coated with a Tungsten-Rhenium layer, as-deposited;

3. Substrate coated with a Tungsten-Rhenium layer after grinding.


Light Rotating Anodes,

an innovative solution in X-ray tubes


ACERDE has been approved by Lloyd's Register to the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015

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Acerde receives financial support from the region to develop its production tool 

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