Reclaim of Used Targets

piste_fissurée.jpgMost modern high power x-ray targets are heavy assemblies manufactured via powder techniques.

During use, only a thin layer of the tungsten surface is altered. Acerde utilizes its proprietary CVD process to replace this layer and give the targets multiple lives.

The reclaim process entails:

  1. Focal track machining, to remove mudflat layer;
  2. CVD deposition of a 100%-dense Tungsten-Rhenium layer
  3.  Final grinding to target specification.


The diagram below shows the state of the track between the different steps.


The CVD-deposited material thickness is equivalent to the thickness removed by grinding to ensure the target dimensions remain in specification.

Light Rotating Anodes,

an innovative solution in X-ray tubes


ACERDE has been approved by Lloyd's Register to the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015

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Acerde receives financial support from the region to develop its production tool 

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